Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Update

We've been able to spend some summer nights in my parents' backyard.  I love summer nights out there, laying on the grass, playing volleyball, jumping on the tramp, etc.  The night I took these two pictures it was the ward "Walk and Talk" so people were over.

  Jared went to talk to his parents for a little while so my siblings and I went on a little wicky walk.

 Jared and I took advantage of the free movie showings on the weekend put on by Salt Lake County and went and saw Puss in Boots.  We thought it was hilarious!

 We were able to go to a Bee's baseball game in June with Loren & Britney.  It was a blast!

 I was able to babysit a cute family and their son Drew dressed up as Batman.  Haha I thought he looked so cute!
 Us at Jared's ranch.  I love it up there!

 So beautiful up there.  It's called Reid Ranch and it's located in Duschene County.  It's a guest ranch with horses, a lake, swimming pools, lodges, soccer field, volleyball and basketball courts, etc.  Lots of youth conferences, girls camps, and family reunions go there.  Jared's grown up working there.  It really molded him into the person he is today and I love how strong his work ethic is because of his experiences working there and managing it for many years as well.

 I love going to the temple with Jared.  It was so beautiful when we came out of the temple too!

 One day I just felt like taking pictures of my parents' house so I can remember it.  I loved living there.  Before we move I will take and post pictures of my and Jared's apartment!  We only live about 2 minutes away from both our parents.
 Our neighbor's house.  I love the German look.
 My parents' house.
 The backyard.

 The side yard and garden.

 There used to be steps right there leading down from the deck but they were recently ripped out since they are going to re-do the deck.  I was so sad when I saw that!  Those stairs are where Jared first told me his feelings for me and also where he proposed!

 From the drive way looking up to our house.
 Later in June we headed to St. George for a family reunion!
 I love seeing this house on our way down.  I think it's near Nephi.
 We stopped to go to the bathroom at Wendy's at took this self-timer picture.  Mikele on the far right is so funny!
 Exit 184 to Scipio...where the bus broke down for 3 hours on the side of the road when my high school volleyball team was on our way to Vegas for a tournament.  It was hot and horrible!

 We went and played in the river one of the days and it was great.  Jared got pretty good at the skim board.

 At the BBQ that night in Pine Valley.

I want one!
My sister Aly with my cousin's daughter, Olive.  Olive looks just like Aly did when she was little.
 Family picture taken by Chelsea Stephenson!
 Beautiful Pine Valley.

 Anyone ever played the "Hey Cow" game before?  My cousin Steve told us about it.  When you are passing cows you yell out the window "Hey cow!!!!" and you get points for how many cows raise their heads after you yell that.  I did that (REALLY loud) all of the sudden without anyone expecting and we were laughing after that for like 10 minutes!
 St. George at night.
 View of my grandparents' house on the cliff (East Ridge) in St. George taken from the Boulevard.
 Street up to their house.
 View from their house.
 My dad's parents.  I love them!  It was sad saying bye to them because I don't know if I'll ever see them again if they pass away once we're in Florida. :(
 Grandpa's den.  So many memories!
 My cute bro with his high water pants.

Drive home with my sister Lauren and cousin Steve.

While we were in St. George my cousin Chelsea Stephenson took our family pictures.  It was really windy that day but I love how they turned out.

Also, on June 14th I took my last college final EVER so I was an official college graduate that day.  Yahoo!!