Monday, April 30, 2012

April Update

April was a great month.

We celebrated our first Easter together and it was so fun!

 The traditional dying of eggs.

 We started a new Easter tradition, or well I did. :)  I hid our Easter baskets and tied yarn to them and took the attached yarn all around the apartment.  Jared had to follow the yarn to find his basket.  I also like my family's tradition of the "hot/cold game" ("You're getting hotter (closer to the basket)....oh now you're colder (getting further away)...") so somehow we'll implement both. :)


 Reeses Eggs are my FAVORITE.
 Well, I also graduated!!!!  This was taken the day we moved Mikele home from the dorms.  I had gotten my cap and down the same day so we decided to take a picture early before the mad rush of people did the next day.
 I love BYU.  I am so grateful for the education I received there.  It is such a great school!!  I miss it.
 On April 19th it was the Commencement for all of BYU.  Elder Oaks spoke and it was great.
 My momma came down.  My family and Jared's family came the next day for my individual college convocation.
 Here I am the next day at my Life Science convocation about to receive my diploma.  The girl behind me had her dad bring her baby down to her right before she walked across to receive the diploma.  I thought that was so cute!  Quite a few people did the same thing and some parents even bought cute cap and gown outfits for their babies.  Haha so cute.  It felt so great to hear my name called, walk across the stage, and receive my (empty) diploma case!

 My sister Aly couldn't make it, I can't quite remember why.  And Jace was being a stinker. :)
 Some of Jared's family couldn't come but I was so grateful for their support.

 Jared flashin the "Utah Utes" sign.  Oh boy....

 We went to The Pizza Factory afterwards.  Pizza, salad, and breadsticks.  My favorite!
 My parents bought this huge balloon and beautiful flowers for me.  Haha I couldn't get over the balloon.

 The next day my sister and I participated in a 5K fundraiser for Jared's cousin who had (HAD!!) a brain tumor.  She was diagnosed with it in January and she recently had an MRI (I'm writing this in July :)) and was told her tumor is GONE!!!!!!!!!  It is incredible.  Heavenly Father answers prayers.  There might still be some microscopic parts of the tumor left so she'll have to continue to get occasional MRI's and possible chemo, but we are so grateful.  She has a husband and four kids and it broke my heart to think about the cancer taking over her body.  The 5K was up in Midway and it was so beautiful!!!  Jared had to work that day.

A beautiful sunset from my parents' driveway.
The morning we found out that Jared got accepted to grad school at UCF!!!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!

April 23rd I started my internship and the next day I started my 2 classes.  I finished those in June and then was officially graduated.  April was a good month!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here we go!

Well...I told myself I wouldn't have time to create a blog until after I graduated...graduation amazingly (? :)) came and went last weekend, so here I am!  I'll hopefully update the blog every so often. :)  This will be a good way to journal my and Jared's great life together!

Our biggest and most incredible news is.......drum roll...............

On Monday we found out that Jared has been accepted to the Masters of Hospitality Management Program at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida!  YAHOOIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow wow wow wow we are so excited!  I am so proud of him!!  Jared has lived in Florida before for two Disney internships, and I've been there a couple times with his family and so we feel like we are going to a familiar place!  I know it will be scary and new and nerve-wracking but we are so excited to embark on this new adventure together!  We are so grateful to be going to a familiar place instead of Michigan or Oklahoma (we were going to apply there if we didn't get accepted to UCF).  We will move to Florida the beginning of August.  ANYWAY, we feel so blessed and know that Heavenly Father has answered our prayers to be accepted to grad school.  I truly know that he blesses those who follow Him.
Us on our honeymoon in Orlando, FL last May.  Little did we know, a year and a half later, we'd move to the place we honeymooned!

I am currently completing a full-time 7 week internship at the Salt Lake Valley Health Department and two last classes at the BYU Salt Lake Center, and then on June 14th I will be COMPLETELY DONE WITH BYU.  It's been a long time comin. ;)  Recently, my desire to finish school has gone down the drain but I know I will be so grateful to officially receive my degree.  I've loved my time at BYU and I'm also excited to be completely done!  I walked for graduation this past weekend because in January when I needed to decide when to walk for graduation, I wasn't sure if we would be gone for grad school in August when I will be officially done.  So I chose to walk in April, and then officially complete school in June.  I'm glad I chose this because, what do you know, we won't be here in August!  Yay!

The glorious graduation day!  More pics coming later.

Well, better get back to researching "best practices for healthy communities."  Research is going to be the death of me.

Love you all!  Here we come, Florida!!!!!!!!!!!

Jared & Carly