Saturday, March 31, 2012

February & March Update

February started out with a bridal shower for one of my old roommates, Katie (Miller) Taylor.  She lived across the hall from me and Taylor our freshman year at BYU in Helaman Halls, and then was our roommate sophomore and junior year.  We all had such a blast together!!!  

 Me, Katie, Taylor.  Yes, Taylor and I are giants compared to Katie.

 February also brought me and Jared our first Valentines Day as a married couple.  It was a great day!  I love you, Jared!!!!

My friend Laura (second to end on left) had a bridal shower and all of my C.H.A.L.K. Aspen Grove friends were able to make it.  I loved seeing all of them.  I worked with them at Aspen Grove in the dining hall the summer of 2009 and we have stayed in touch ever since.  That was SUCH a fun summer!!!!!  We call ourselves "CHALK" because our names are Carly, Hannah, Aubrie, Laura, and Katie.  Above, in the picture, from left to right it's Hannah, Laura, Carly, Aubrie, and Katie.  We are all married now!  Three years ago when we were working there we often talked about our future husbands, and now it's so fun to get together and talk about married life!

The second weekend in February Jared went on his annual snowmobiling trip to his ranch with his dad, brothers, uncle, and cousin.  I'm so glad he got to go because I know how much he enjoys it.

February also brought the submission of Jared's application for grad school.  Way to go, babe!  He submitted it on February 13, 2012.

 Katie got married on February 24th and it was so fun to go to her reception.  She married Kyle Taylor, who lived across from us at The Colony our junior year.  Kyle is the one who told me about his sister, Jaclyn Davis, who was my wedding photographer.  She was AMAZING.  Below are all the roommates from junior year.  Taylor, Katie, Chelsie, and me.  Chels got married December 2010 so she only lived with us for fall semester.

 I loved having my husband there with me.

 Me and Tay after the reception.  Such fun memories of college with her!

 Next up:  we may or may not have flown to Hawaii to be there for Loren and Britney's (Jared's older brother and his now new wife) wedding in the Laie Temple on March 2nd.  It was SO FUN!!!  It was so cool to just have the Reids (Jared's family) and Oliversons (the bride's family) there in Hawaii, especially for the sealing.  I loved having so many people present for my sealing but in their case, it was so perfect just to have immediate family present.

The beach outside our hotel at the Marriott Resort.

 We were there for four days.  We had two days before the wedding to hang out and do some sight seeing.  Below is a picture of a statue that's in the TV show "Hawaii Five O."  Jared's sister Haley loves that show so she was thrilled to see some of the places where the show was filmed.

 We were also able to go to Pearl Harbor.  Beautiful, sacred place.

 The bride-to-be!  On Thursday night (the night before the wedding), the boys went bowling on the Air Force Base (the Oliversons are really into bowling and the Reid boys like it too--Jared even beat Britney's dad who is pretty much a pro bowler!) and the girls went on a bachelorette party catamaran ride off of Honolulu.  The boat even had pink sails. :)  It was so fun.  I was very grateful for dramamine. :)

 On the boat.

 I love their license plates.

 Friday was the wedding day.  Loren (in the driver seat) rented a Mustang because somehow it was one of the cheapest things to rent there, and so on the way to the temple, the three brothers drove together to the temple.  It was so cute.  Loren is the oldest and is in the driver's seat, Jared is in the passenger seat, and Ryan is in the back seat.

 After the sealing.  Britney wanted a traditional Hawaiian wedding and so we all got to wear cool leis!

 The incredible, happy couple!

The beautiful temple.

 The Reid family.

 Britney had beautiful yellow bracelets made for all the girls to match her white one.  I loved it.
 All the bridesmaids posing for a picture for the photographer.  Britney asked us all to wear "sunset colors" for the wedding and I loved how everything turned out.

 All the boys.  Haha I love this picture.
 Me with Jared's sisters, Heidi and Haley.
 We went to the famous Kahuku Grill.  I went here with my family and the Hormans back in December 2008 and it was so yummy.

 The wedding dinner that same night at a restaurant on the BEACH.
It was such a fun trip and we felt so blessed to be able to be there to witness their special day.  Yay for LOVE and ETERNAL MARRIAGES!!