Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Update

The first week of January I got a pretty horrible cold and unfortunately passed it to Jared...right in time for his GRE test.  Heavenly Father answers prayers though and was able to make him well enough to do well on the test.  We were so grateful.  This is him the night before the test.  Haha pretty bad shape, although he is making a silly face.

 Right before his test the next morning.  I was so proud of him and all the hard work he put towards studying.  Side note: he ended up memorizing like 300 words for the vocabulary portion of the exam, and after the exam he told me there were probably only 3 of those words on the actual test.  Ha!  So not fair.

 Some of our best friends, the Jepsens, came down from Idaho to attend a wedding for a mutual friend and we were able to go to Siegfried's German Deli in downtown SLC.  We love that place!  Kerry (their dad) and my dad went to medical school/the military together and our families have followed each other all around the world while in the military:  BYU, Maryland, Texas, and Germany.  They now live in Idaho and we're in SLC.  We hate being far away from them!

 Jared turned 28 on January 26th.  Crazy!  We celebrated by going to Red Robin (his favorite), eating this delicious birthday dessert (it was HUGE), and seeing that new Tom Cruise movie....I can't remember the name.  But it was hilarious!

 I asked my sister Aly to decorate our apartment while we were at the movie so that it would be decorated when we came home.  She did a great job, but left a light on when she left, so when we pulled into the parking lot, Jared noticed (I didn't) and started asking questions like, "Did someone break into our apartment?  Why is there a light on?" and so to soothe his fears I had to spoil it and tell him that Aly had been in there.  It was still fun to surprise him though.  Those little slips of paper on the wall are the 28 things I had all our family members write about what they loved about him.  I had Aly hang them all over the apartment as well as balloons.  YAAAAAAY for birthdays!  I love you, J.

We were able to babysit baby Griffin while his parents went out.  I visit teach his mom and just love her.  I was so thrilled when she asked if I would watch him for the night.  He is so dang cute!  They say babysitting is a great form of birth control...............yeah RIGHT!  Quite the opposite.  Notice the measuring cups used as baby toys...haha we will obviously have to eventually invest in some toys once children join our midst. :)

 Here we are at Jared's family's house celebrating his birthday a little later.

I love you, Jared!!!!!!!  First birthday of many in the eternities to come!