Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fall/Winter 2011 Activities

We had a great fall and winter.  I love fall!!

At a corn maze!
Picking out pumpkins after the corn maze.
Halloween dinner with my family.  Afterwards I had to do homework while Jared watched a scary movie by himself...sad!!  As you can see on Jared, we were Thing 1 and Thing 2; we bought the shirts at Universal Studios.
We went up to Ruth's Diner in Oakley for a fun drive and to get a treat.  Yeah a treat is an understatement....
 How we felt after we'd eaten only like 1/5 of it...
 Setting up our Christmas decorations.  Our first Christmas tree!
 Temple Square Lights

 Making red and green pancakes

 Went to Jazz games
 Got pajamas from my parents on Christmas Eve
 Sibling outing to see a friend
 First Christmas Eve together

 At my parents' the next day...Santa ate the cookies!
 My family's tree--I love it

 Blurry Christmas morning!
 Theo in his Santa outfit...hahaha!
A couple days later we were able to go with our cousins to a local women's shelter and feed them dinner.  It was great!

 We loved the hair nets as you can tell :)

 Ben and Steph were able to use their Spanish to speak to this sweet lady and she was so grateful!
 Friend reunion! L to R: Me, Karissa, Mary-Martha, and Emily
 At the Jepsens for New Years Eve.

Fun fun times!!!  Life is great!