Monday, October 31, 2011

Disney Cruise!!!

We were able to go on a Disney Cruise with Jared's family the beginning of October.  It was such a blast!!!  Here are some pics:

We stayed on Disney property the night before we got on the cruise.  Here we are on the boat ride from our resort over to Magic Kindgom.
We love Disney!
Spotting the cruise ship from the freeway!
In our cruise room!

On our excursion in the Bahamas

On the ship at night

Me and my room service apples...haha

At Cast Away Cay (Disney's private island)

The boys playing football on the beach
Haley, Mary-Martha, and Me


Britney (Jared's-older-brother's-then-girlfriend-now-wife), Mary-Martha, and Me
Pirate night...haha!

I cannot believe I did that...

Kayaking!  With manatees (yes, manatees) in the water...gah!!!!

After the 4 day cruise we stayed 3 days in a beach house at some Disney property at Vero Beach, Florida.  Thank you, Reids!!!  It was such a fun trip!