Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Married Summer Together

We had such a fun "first summer" together!  It really was a blast and we were able to do so many fun things.  Here are some pictures:

 Opening our wedding gifts in our apartment with family after we got back from our honeymoon
 First lunch at our apartment!
 My office at work (internship)
 One of the projects I was working on (looks fun huh? :)
 Bloomin Onion at Outback Staekhouse!  We forgot to use our giftcard........

We were able to visit Jared's ranch many times.  I love it up there!
So beautiful.
I was able to be an intern for Management & Training Corporation this summer.  I was their Employee Benefits/Wellness intern.  I was in charge of an exercise challenge, along with other things, and above is the kick off party we had for the teams participating in the exercise challenge.
They made up cheers.
We were able to go to Las Vegas, and on our way we stopped in St. George to see my grandparents.  We were able to go to the St. George temple, out to eat with wedding gift cards, and to Mr. Popper's Penguins!  Then we went down to Las Vegas to see my best friend Kenna Bryan and her brother Logan give their missionary farewell talks.  It was so good to see and hear them!

We drove back up to SLC with my sisters.

I love this house...
We went to the Oakley Rodeo.  By far my favorite date EVER!!!  Probably because one year ago Jared took me here for our first date!!!
That night we went to Heber and stayed in a cute Swiss Alps Inn!

Then we went to the Zermatt Resort in Midway to look around.  It brought back so many wonderful memories of living in Germany.  I love all the flower boxes and cute European decorations.

The 4th of July Millcreek Parade!  My sisters and their costumes...

Went to see this crazy girl perform in a play....
Love her :)

Went to Jared's ranch again...he and his cousin shooting poor little potguts...
We went to the park many times this summer and threw the frisbee.  I tended to break many of them...
We went to Lagoon and I was happy to sit on the sidelines while J went on this ride!

We celebrated the 24th of July with my family and the Bryans...Jared wanted to make a cake and brought it in this cute little cake holder thing... :)

We went to a couple Bees games!
Root beer and peanuts...a classic!

This was my final project for my internship this summer.  At the end of MTC's exercise challenge, if everyone participated, then they would donate like $12,000 or something to the American Cancer Society at the Relay for Life Event.  Here we are at the event and people are being incredible and getting their heads shaved while people donate money.
Our little campsite.

Jared decided to drive really close to the wheel...he cracks me up!!

No words...haha!
We went to the Jepsens house!!!

Captivated by Shark Week!!
Jared was the bull
Cute little kittens!
Went to go tube the river.  Melinda sat in the back of the suburban to hold all the tubes in, but because the back of the trunk window had to be open she got dust all over her...haha!

So beautiful up there in Preston, Idaho!
 Got to make lots of yummy meals together
 Went and did baptisms with my sistas
 Got lots of Bob's Brainfreezes!
Went to the Josh Groban concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a sleepover in our apartment with my siblings!
Went to an Aspen Grove reunion.  I LOVE IT UP THERE!!

Got Mikele settled as a freshman at BYU!  She was in the same building and floor as I was when I was a freshman.

My old dorm room!

Had a friend reunion
Went to Cracker Barrell with a wedding gift card

Said goodbye to Gladys, my trusty Camry
Celebrated the last night of summer before BYU started with a frozen yogurt run

Hung with Kel at BYU
Participated in the Murray Family Mini Triathlon with my family.  WHAT A BLAST!!!!
I love this family!

Went to the Utah State Fair :)

Went to the circus

Spent some great Sunday nights with our families
Went to Outback Steakhouse and used a wedding gift card

What a great summer!!!