Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Keep chugging

It's been a fun past few days.  :)  We are all sick.  We are all grouchy.  We were in the ER last night from 12-2am with Ollie.  The fun started on Thursday with Ollie getting pink eye, both boys getting colds on Friday, me getting the cold Saturday, Ollie randomly throwing up a few times over the weekend, Jared feeling the cold coming yesterday, and Ollie develping croup yesterday.

Last night Ollie's cough got barkier and breathing more constricted as the night went on and it made us too nervous to wait til the morning to get steroids from the pediatrician.  Breathing is just so vital...and it scared us to wait it out.  It sounded like he was breathing through a straw. :(  He received some steroids and is doing better now.

By 6pm tonight Ollie put himself to bed but I didn't want a 6am wake up call so I coaxed him into the bath to delay bedtime at least an hour.  Then I lost my temper as he splashed water everywhere, for the hundreth time, and then my yelling made him cry, and I should have just cried with him, but instead I yelled louder to muffle his cries.


I abaondoned ship to Jared and put myself in timeout in my room, but Carter was on my heels and pounded on the closed door while crying like a wounded animal.  Finally, my stuffy nose vs. laying flat on the floor won so I ended my timeout, exiting my room to get water for pseudafed, and now both boys are following me around like puppy dogs, in the kitchen, turning around and turning right to head toward the bathroom, taking a few more steps to the right to close Ollie's door.

Here's to healthier days and never taking them for granted...

A happy memory from a few days ago:

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Marriage podcast

Ramona Zabriskie is changing the world...one marriage at a time. I learn so much from her. Here is a recent podcast of hers that I loved. I am so grateful for all the research she has done and for her dedication to educating women.


Friday, December 14, 2018

October 2018

We started off the month by buying annual Disney passes!!
Jared's family would soon be coming into town.  If we bought regular day passes (instead of annual passes), if we bought four day passes, the price would equal the price of an annual pass.
We went two days with the Reids, and have gone so many times since then...so the annual pass is most definitely worth it!

Love the hands by the face :)

I chopped my hair!

So very funny :)

Annual fall craft night (or scrapbooking night if you're Carly :)) with my besties

This has been all the more funny and real to us these days :)  Ollie likes to come in our room and ask us to come lay by him.  The initial wake up is frightening.

Hey, cute dad, in the middle!

Shivers closed.  My heart is so sad :(
Pumpkin Reeses shakes will always be remembered.

Love seeing the joy on these two people's faces!

Me, Mikele, Aly
Circa 1996?

The Reid trip got an early start with Loren, Britney, Tate, and Olivia visiting for a day before they went to visit Georgia the week before the rest of the Reids arrived.  We loved having them for General Conference.  We just love them!

Tate & Ollie
So cute

I love seeing Jared with his brothers

The day finally came when the rest of the family arrived.  We had been counting down forever!

We stayed again at the adorable Saratoga Springs Treehouses.  They are so fun!

We went to church on Sunday, then Hollywood Studios on Monday:

This picture is so adorable to me, hehe :)  Sorry Ollie

Toy Story land is so cute.

Army men

Then to Epcot:

While at Epcot, Haley scubadived!  Ollie still talks about Haley and the sharks :)

Beloved Germany

Then Animal Kingdom the next day:

This picture was the moment in which I said to Florida, "Enough is enough!!!"  See below.  Ugh.

Too hot

The next day we went to a Disney water park:

Later that night we went to Downtown Disney to eat.  We took the boat system from the treehouses to the resturaunt.  It was such a beautiful night.


Sweet cousins

The next day we drove to Disney's Vero Beach Resort.  As soon as Jared rolled down the window at the guard gate, he started coughing.  The rest of us started coughing too once we got out of the car.  Even the babies were coughing.  It turns out there was a red algae outbreak in the ocean and it affected the air.  Many people at the resort were wearing face masks.  The staff recommended with children we not stay there so they found us a resort back at the main Disney area.  We stayed at the Art of Animantion and we had a great time!

Lots of luggage with big families :)

The Kitchen Sink, a must at Disney

Cars land!  So many fun life-sized things to bring things to life for the kids.

Carter & Olivia

"The Platter" at Whispering Canyons.  A legend.

Too tempting

Oh how I love these cousins!

And this family!

And this family!
So very much!

Then we were back to real life...

Trying on costumes

Most adorable soldier

More preschool

A package came in the mail from Aunt Mikele & Uncle Seth.
Ollie was so very excited about it, especially the socks. :)

One of my favorite things is when we're playing outside and dad pulls up and Ollie hops in the car and Jared lets Ollie be in charge of the steering wheel as they go get the mail.

Goodness this couple does it right every time.  So cute!

Love this shirt

Daddy-son outings

Spider hats at preschool

We celebrated Halloween with the Castillos.  We had our orange and black dinner with dry ice and apple juice witch brew.  Ollie loved the concept of trick or treating.  He kept saying, "C'mon Carter" and Carter would trot behind Ollie.

So cute!!

Happy Halloween!!